BFF Official Selection

Brood Film Fest 2016 continues to tour a number of venues and events across the globe as a digital screening.

The following artists and filmmakers were part of the Brood Film Fest 2016 Official Selection:

Alison O’Neill (UK)
Byron Karabatsos (USA)
Debbie Lee (UK)
Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen (Denmark)
Drunk With Joy (UK)
Jana Kasalová (Czech Republic)
Jennifer Hardacker (USA)
Kristen Palana (Myanmar)
Lu Heintz (USA)
Magdalena Blom (Sweden)
Megan Wynne (USA)
Michele Jaquis & Jeremy J. Quinn (USA)
Sarah Sudhoff (USA)
Sasha Waters Freyer (USA)
Shoshana Rosenbaum (USA)
Townley & Bradby (UK)

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